So I personally came to this school in Idar-Oberstein (a campus of the Hochschule Trier) to do stone. My previous school in Finland and this one are the schools where you can get your stone really worked on. But.. well.. I have done no stone at all during my first semester 😀 not at all how I thought it would go down! We have weekly talks with our professors, and firstly I had no idea what was the meaning of always talking..buuuut.. I found exiting new avenues.. I just started doing without thinking of ”what is this supposed to become”. And my new partner in crime (at least for now) is a 3d pen..so much fun!

Me, who never thought I’d be into making from plastic.. it is a great tool foor doodling in 3D, since I find regular sketching to be too constraining for my style of working. I am now trying just all kinda of materials with the pen..and I am delighted where this is taking my thoughts.

In case you are wanting to try 3d pens, be sure to use PLA plastic, not the BPA one. 😗


New website

Last year I overhauled my professional website quite a lot. I try to keep it up to date, but usually fail miserably… Still, I have managed to have it include many of my newest works, have a look yourself here



What I’m up to

I have recently (last autumn!) started studying at the Hochschule Trier, to do my Masters. I had tough time when I first moved to Germany, I am not very good german speaker and everything felt rather hard. It had also been about 5 years since I had been in school last time, so studying also took a while to start working for me.

Currently we are enjoying a lecture free period, which is such a  strange thing for me you cant even believe it. Am i on a holiday, or am i not??

Apparently, I can holiday (which I did a bit in a recent trip back to Finland) and I am also supposed to work on my MFA project. The project..well I think it’s going on rather fine at the time. What is not, is my photo-project! I have no idea why it is not working for me, but I will figure something out…eventually. I will let you know…






Coming back

I was away from the blog-scene.. I am aware it’s been a long time… I will let you know what I’ve been up in the next post, coming very soon.

There were couple of reasons for my absence. I got very tired of the way I was forced to write, what not to include, and what to avoid all together while writing and publishing. It was tiresome, and I had to think about my content and if I wish to continue.

I was also in a point in my life where I was very busy making decisions about my future.

In am back to blogging, and from now on, we will only carry on in english, since I feel writing bi-lingual is rather tiring for me.

Hope to see old and new faces back in here following my content, enjoy 🙂



Projektia.. /Project…




Tämä työ on erääseen projektiin.. josta myöhemmin lisää, en voi tässä vaiheessa vielä hiiskua enempää! Rintakoru tulossa.. ja hyvin tuleekin.

This one is for a special project, I can’t really say more about it yet, but I will in the future! A brooch.. one day..