Friday, last lecture day

Friday started of with lectures about diamonds and carbon dating pearls. The diamond one didn’t really give me anything new, but the pearl one was interesting, especially the MRI of an pearl, so visually pleasing.

Friday was the more interesting day, as of a jewellers point. Thursday was a lot of fashion, and things that are interesting, but stuff that didn’t give me anything to add to my work.

The lecture Ivory, Coral and Tortoisehell – Past uses and present emotions by Maggie Campbell Pedersen, Gem-A President and organics expert from London was a very nice one. She spoke about the effects these natural materials have had and still have to the wildlife, and also the uses of past and present.

When I was asked who I am waiting to speak, I said Evert Nijland. As a finnish jewellery artist, I have heard his name floating around many times, due to his association with finnish jewellers. His lecture did not disappoint. By the way, he is wearing Alexander Blank’s smiley brooch.

We heard about the collection from Sophia Lopez Suasso – de Bruijin (1816-1890)

Interesting lecture by Marjolein S. Koek, from the Rijksmuseum, about conservation with gelatin.

Lecture by Lauren Kalman, whose lecture I also saw at the Zimmerhof symposium this May

Our professor Theo Smeets also gave a very compelling speech about our school and the masters program, he is such a good salesman, I wish I studied there! Wait, I do study there, don’t I…

This counts the end of the Rijksmuseum visit! All in all, it was a pleasure to see Amsterdam, and the Rijksmuseum is very majestic.. I also bought a  lot of Christmas presents so.. I got that covered too!


Day 2 in Amsterdam

On thursday morning lectures started, with the help of much needed caffeine.

We heard about collecting Steltman jewellery, as collecting Tiffany jewellery as well. Tiffany was in large scale, Steltman in smaller scale. Needless to say, both very interesting and new to me. My horrid pictures do not make justice…….

Also I had to do some turisty stuff, (yes that idiot with the red bag is me :D) it was my first time in Amsterdam! We toured around the town a bit, did some shopping, and just took in the marvelous atmosphere that Amsterdam has. Let me say, totally different than the big German cities.. We also visited the Gerrit Rietveld academy, as the students had previously visited our school, and they wanted to provide us with some colorful food. I was exhausted by the end of the day…..


Rijksmuseum, new inspirations

As I shift myself through the permanent exhibitions at the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, I feel an urge I haven’t felt in the longest time, I would love to blog about this moment. I share this thought with a friend, and then start quietly thinking why I ever stopped blogging. The answer I have is somewhat explained in my previous posts, but some I cannot share, simply because I do not wish to start any drama. Let’s just say, it was about restrictions on my content, on what to write about, what to show, who, etc.

But I might be coming back with a new-found urge to write about my current jewellery journey. I guess, only time will tell. If you have found your way back here, hello friend.

By friday evening my badge had already took some hits..

I visited the Netherlands this week for 4 days, to attend to a jewellery symposium called ”Jewellery Matters” held at the Rijksmuseum.

Following pictures are from the museums permanent collections. And the museum… it was huge. I didn’t have the time to visit everything, not even close.


First night of the symposium was an evening event, an interview of Victoire de Castellane,  who has worked with jewelly at Chanel and Dior. The interview was in french, but we had fancy translating headsets on, so we would hear her answer in english. I travelled the same day to amsterdam, and was very tired during the evening event, which is why I missed the pop-up exhibition of her work at the museum. I had a thought it would be shown in the following days too, but I guess I was wrong, couldn’t find it anywhere later on. 

Last picture is from google just to give you a thought on what she makes. I didn’t have any pictures from the pop-up exhibition.. The actual lectures and pitches started on Thursday, and continued to Friday. I will follow this post on both of the lecture days, since they are quite a read to put on one post. 🙂




So I personally came to this school in Idar-Oberstein (a campus of the Hochschule Trier) to do stone. My previous school in Finland and this one are the schools where you can get your stone really worked on. But.. well.. I have done no stone at all during my first semester 😀 not at all how I thought it would go down! We have weekly talks with our professors, and firstly I had no idea what was the meaning of always talking..buuuut.. I found exiting new avenues.. I just started doing without thinking of ”what is this supposed to become”. And my new partner in crime (at least for now) is a 3d pen..so much fun!

Me, who never thought I’d be into making from plastic.. it is a great tool foor doodling in 3D, since I find regular sketching to be too constraining for my style of working. I am now trying just all kinda of materials with the pen..and I am delighted where this is taking my thoughts.

In case you are wanting to try 3d pens, be sure to use PLA plastic, not the BPA one. 😗


New website

Last year I overhauled my professional website quite a lot. I try to keep it up to date, but usually fail miserably… Still, I have managed to have it include many of my newest works, have a look yourself here



What I’m up to

I have recently (last autumn!) started studying at the Hochschule Trier, to do my Masters. I had tough time when I first moved to Germany, I am not very good german speaker and everything felt rather hard. It had also been about 5 years since I had been in school last time, so studying also took a while to start working for me.

Currently we are enjoying a lecture free period, which is such a  strange thing for me you cant even believe it. Am i on a holiday, or am i not??

Apparently, I can holiday (which I did a bit in a recent trip back to Finland) and I am also supposed to work on my MFA project. The project..well I think it’s going on rather fine at the time. What is not, is my photo-project! I have no idea why it is not working for me, but I will figure something out…eventually. I will let you know…






Coming back

I was away from the blog-scene.. I am aware it’s been a long time… I will let you know what I’ve been up in the next post, coming very soon.

There were couple of reasons for my absence. I got very tired of the way I was forced to write, what not to include, and what to avoid all together while writing and publishing. It was tiresome, and I had to think about my content and if I wish to continue.

I was also in a point in my life where I was very busy making decisions about my future.

In am back to blogging, and from now on, we will only carry on in english, since I feel writing bi-lingual is rather tiring for me.

Hope to see old and new faces back in here following my content, enjoy 🙂